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Mexico leads the way

Last year the Puebla plant was again named the most successful of the Volkswagen brand factories. It was able to hold on to its mach18.FACTORY award, which it first won in 2015.

A look at body construction in the Puebla plant, where a Golf is being built.

Production & Logistics has been giving this award to the factory with the best results since 2013. The Bratislava plant in Slovakia won it the first two times.

Starting this year, Production & Logistics will be presenting the new TRANSFORMER of the Year award based on the new division strategy TRANSFORM. FACTORY+. The criteria in the competition between the brand’s vehicle producing plants will stay the same – for example, achieving targets for factory costs, quality and environment, implementing company-wide initiatives, and cooperation with other sites. inside spoke with Antonio Pinto, Production & Logistics Board Member at Volkswagen de México, about what distinguishes two-time winner Puebla.

Volkswagen de México

President: Andreas Hinrichs


cars were built by the employees in Puebla last year.


employees work in the Puebla plant (cars and components) and Silao plant (engines).

Models: Jetta, Beetle Convertible, Golf, Golf SportWagen, Tiguan Allspace as well as engines and components.

3 questions for ... Antonio Pinto

‘Employees are the key to success’

Antonio Pinto, Production Board Member at Volkswagen de México.

How was the Puebla plant able to win the award for the brand’s best plant two times in a row?

Teamwork throughout the entire factory is essential for these successes. All teams had and have only one goal: to be the best. Winning isn’t even the hardest part – what’s hard is maintaining the high standards and finding new ways to achieve the same good results the following year. We succeeded, and for that I thank the whole workforce.

How have the employees ­contributed to this success?

Our employees are the key to success. They all put their shoulders to the wheel for our company. They are proud to be part of the Volkswagen de México family and identify with our targets completely and wholeheartedly. On the one hand, you can see it in the good results of the mood barometer, and on the other, in the key figures for ­absenteeism and workplace accidents, for example. Both have fallen. In addition, ten academies provide opportunities for our employees to keep on improving their qualifications. That’s what nourishes high quality and new ideas.

What are the Puebla plant’s production goals for the near future?

Two significant start-ups are coming up in the next months – the seven-seater Tiguan and the Jetta. At the same time we have to reduce our costs per vehicle as part of the restart in North America. We are devoting all our energy to this restart. We check our factory costs weekly and monthly in order to achieve the new targets and also to be able to react if there are any changes in volume, or in the currency exchange rates.