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A light in the darkness

Safely through the winter with LED headlights.

Good vision
is essential to staying safe.

Especially now that the daylight hours are short. In Europe, the sun rises at around 8 am, and sets again after 4 pm. And the sun is rarely to be seen. Driving in darkness and often adverse weather conditions is stressful for many people. The risk of having an accident increases. New LED headlights in almost one dozen Volkswagen models provide relief.

LED is the new Xenon – from the Polo to the Arteon. In an increasing number of car models, powerful LED headlights are replacing the previous Xenon systems. 22 equipment versions already feature the LED headlights on board – including all three series of the Arteon luxury sedan. The light output of the LED lights is considerably better than that of a good halogen headlight. Another difference: Halogen lights have a yellow tinge.

Light Assist

The LED lights, however, emit a bright white light when the dipped-beam or main-beam headlights are switched on. Almost like daylight. This reduces the strain on the eyes and makes driving more relaxed, less tiring and safer. The “Elegance” and “R-Line” versions of the Arteon also feature “Light Assist” automatic main beam technology. It observes the road with cameras and switches the main-beam headlights on when the road is clear, and off when a car is coming the other way.

Dynamic Light Assist

The Arteon’s “Active Lighting System” provides even more convenience and safety. This consists of a dynamically controlled, continuous main-beam headlight (“Dynamic Light Assist”) as well as a “dynamic cornering light with predictive controls.” The “Dynamic Light Assist” offers the option to activate the main-beam continuously from 60 km/h. With this option, LED modules are controlled via a camera to provide optimum illumination of the road without blinding other road users. Meanwhile, the “dynamic cornering light with predictive controls” provides better lighting of corners. This is achieved via lens modules aligned with the angle of the corner. But that’s not all – with interactive cornering, the car “predicts” when you are approaching a corner. Information about the corner is supplied by the front camera and navigation system. The Arteon can illuminate corners before the driver turns. The key benefit: the corner becomes visible sooner, so the driver can better anticipate the road conditions ahead.