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Making one from three

Production and Logistics has organized processes in such a way that everyone in the division can work until retirement. From Emden, an example of how this works.

Maria Sikora and Andreas Dirks are part of the team in Emden that manufactures sealing channels for side panels.

The employees are at the heart of Production and Logistics. This is also emphasized in the demographics and ergonomics action areas of TRANSFORM.FACTORY+, the new strategy for this division. The goal: in the factory of the future, Production and Logistics will arrange work in such a way that everyone can remain employed in this division despite having to work for more  years. This will be achieved in part by intelligent technology and work reorganization.  

» I am glad to have the opportunity to work here. «

An example from Emden shows that the division is well on its way to implementing this. In the body shop in sealing channel production, the North Sea site has changed from three-shift to single-shift operation. The result is that employees no longer work in alternating shifts. Anyone who is unable to do shift work or perform certain tasks can still be employed at their workplace in this area of core manufacture and thus make an important contribution to the success of the company.

How was the transition achieved? Technical optimizations enabled the sealing channel plant’s capacity to be increased. The work has also been reorganized. To produce the volume of one production day in a single shift instead of three, a reserve employee is used. This means that components can be manufactured even during breaks. And in order to ensure the supply of parts, additional roller conveyors have been built. In this way, the FIFO (First In, First Out) principle, which is standard practice in logistics, can be followed.

All these changes have been planned and implemented by employees acting on their own initiative, and have led to a decrease in investment costs of approximately €300,000. The new team is satisfied. Heye Goos, for example, says, “The process optimization has given me the opportunity, after 38 years in shift work, to be employed in the day shift because of my restrictions.” Maria Sikora says, “As a single parent, I am grateful that my employer supports me in reconciling family and career by my deployment in sealing channel manufacture.” And Andreas Dirks adds: “I am happy to have the opportunity to work here despite my health limitations. The day shift makes the work easier for me.”