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Makeover for our racing champ

The Golf GTI TCR now looks even sharper than ever.

Update for the champion: The Golf GTI TCR, the racing version of the compact heavyweight from Wolfsburg, received a makeover for the 2018 season. The front has been reworked, to lend a stronger visual emphasis to the close technical relationship between the two sporty Golf models – that is, of the GTI and GTI TCR. Delivery of the new Golf GTI TCR model will begin in January of 2018.

“The new look of the Golf GTI TCR was created in close collaboration with the Volkswagen Design team. With it we want to highlight how closely the series production model and the racing version are related to each other,” Volkswagen Motorsport Director Sven Smeets says. “For example, the engine comes directly from series production and is only slightly modified for racing. It’s the proof that the Golf GTI represents the perfect foundation for our customer sport racing vehicle.”

The Golf GTI TCR counts as one of the most successful competition touring cars of the year: Frenchman Jean-Karl Vernay won the driver’s title at the International TCR Series in Dubai, and the 350-hp racing Golf with the two-liter turbo engine, which Volkswagen sells to professional teams and drivers, was also named Model of the Year.

Racing version meets series version: The new Golf GTI TCR and the Golf GTI Performance.

The abbreviation GTI has been inseparably linked with the Volkswagen brand since 1976 and is considered the best-known designation for sporty compact cars worldwide. All the GTI models integrate the combination of high agility, low weight, snappy but comfortable chassis, reliable front-wheel drive, and an ergonomically ideal seating position behind a non-slip sports steering wheel. In addition, you have GTI characteristics such as the typical red stripe on the cooler grille, and the legendary plaid “Clark” seat cover.