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Holá, colega!*

*Hello, colleague!

This series introduces Volkswagen employees from around the world. This issue: Virgina Valencia Catalán (33) from the Pamplona plant in Spain.

Like my own little family

Virgina Valencia Catalán

Ms. Catalán, how long have you worked at Volkswagen in Pamplona and what do you do there?

I came from Madrid to Volkswagen Navarra more than six years ago. Despite my background as a former marketing consultant, I was able to get my bearings in the auto world quickly, thanks to the help of my colleagues. I work as a ­forewoman in Final Assembly. I am currently a shift supervisor and responsible for the Polo production start-up. The final assembly crew is like my own little family.

What has been your nicest experience in all these years at the plant?

Lots of people have helped me over the last six years, especially through teamwork. The daily finishing routine is very demanding. You often have to find quick solutions for situations that pop up unexpectedly. All that, ­naturally, without losing sight of our line’s daily targets. When we − my team and I − have managed to achieve these targets by the end of the day, then I’m satisfied. There’s one day I’ll never forget: I got a phone call and was told that I had won a car in an employee contest. At first I thought it was a joke. But it wasn’t.

What should colleagues who pay a visit to Pamplona be sure not to miss?

Pamplona is a quiet, mid-sized town. It’s a great place to live − you can reach the beach or the mountains quickly and enjoy this magnificent area. The San Fermin festival (Running of the Bulls) in July is famous around the world. The locals, and also the many visitors, feel very much at home at that time. A hot tip is to stroll through the Old Town. Another is a day trip to the village of Artajona, which is less than 30 kilometers away. The 11th-century church there will transport you into another era.