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Transform Minds: Inspiration for Strategy

Twelve employees from German and Polish components plants selected.

Launch with the Board: The project work started in the Volkswagen Arena.

Group Components is in the middle of a major process of transformation, one which components management is shaping with its “ONE MISSION 2025” strategy program. Group Components has initiated the “Transform Minds” program to ensure that the transformation is backed at all levels of the company and that the ideas of employees are fed into the change. Transform Minds – twelve employees from German and Polish components plants who, after applying successfully in summer 2018, will support the transformation of the divisions and plants, and provide ideas and inspiration for the twelve strategic action fields, which include “Digitalization,” “Product Portfolio,” and “Competency.”

The project comprises four elements

  • Ideas and inspiration from the outside were presented at five stations of a “Learning Journey”
  • Strategy ideas:
    Transform Minds took part in the 2nd Group Components Conference and worked with the management team on the Components strategy “ONE MISSION 2025”.

  • Participating in projects:
    Transform Minds have developed ideas that feed into the twelve action fields of the Components strategy.
  • The multipliers of transformation:
    Transform Minds report back on their experiences on Group Connect and function as contact persons for colleagues in the plants.

"Through Transform Minds, we can inject fresh, exciting ideas from the whole team, and from different teams, into our strategic development, and expand our experience horizon"

Ludwig Fazel, Head of Strategy in the new Group Components brand on the “Transform Minds” program

5 stations, 1,000 impressions, 1 goal: The Learning Journey of the Transform Minds

After the launch at the Group Components Conference in August, the Learning Journey of Transform Minds began. From September to February there were five exciting stations with working sessions and creative introductory speakers for the Transform Minds and their projects.

Transform Minds und Projekte

1. Linz (September 2018):

Visit to the Ars Electronica technology and future trade fair, and development of own thematic fields

2. Berlin (October 2018):

Visit to the SAP Data Kitchen on German Unification Day

3. Wiesbaden (November 2018):

Guided Tour of the “Erfahrungsfeld” (Experience Field) in Schloss Freudenberg

4. Ingolstadt (December 2018):

Visit to Audi colleagues

5. Essen (January 2019):

Discussion with E.ON on topics relating to transformation

Incidentally, Transform Minds are presenting their project ideas to the Board and the Management Board of Group Components in March.

What have been the highlights on your learning journey?
The transformation process of Components is one of the biggest events I’ve ever experienced at Volkswagen. At our stop in Wiesbaden there was the “Change your perspective” space, which really got me thinking. We often talk at cross purposes because we have different points of view. Many processes would run much better if we all tried to understand each other.

How are you involved in the strategy?
In the “Communication” action area I would like to make a contribution to improving the flow of information between direct employees. I’m convinced that the transformation can be a success if we inform all employees about key topics clearly and in a targeted way, and involve them in that.

What conclusions have you drawn personally?
We must think and act more flexibly – and every individual can contribute to that.

Thinking and Acting More Flexibly

3 questions for ...

... David Kraushaar.

He is a "Transform Mind" from Gear Manufacturing in Kassel and is involved with the "Communication" action field.