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Keeping everything in view

In the series Our Assistants, Volkswagen’s Gerald Eckert explains Area View.

The driver can see the area around the car on the screen of the infotainment system.

A quick look over the shoulder and suddenly there was a pillar in the way. Everyone has experienced similar situations – this is where Area View from Volkswagen comes into play. Each of the four cameras of the assistant – one in the tailgate, one in the front bumper, and one in each side mirror – has an opening angle of more than 180 degrees, and together they monitor the entire surrounding area. This is displayed in real time on the screen of the infotainment system and allows the driver to “see around corners” in difficult visual situations and recognize possible dangers in time (for example, pedestrians, fire hydrants).

With the radio navigation system Discover Pro, a 3-D bird’s-eye view makes it possible to select an additional 17 different virtual camera positions, and displays every conceivable perspective around the vehicle.

Also, the difficult maneuvering in reverse to connect a trailer is no longer a problem thanks to the assistant, since the trailer view shows a guide line in the camera image to aid the driver in precisely lining up the trailer drawbar.

Area View can be activated at a speed of up to 15 km/h when the driver presses the parking aid button or engages reverse gear.

“Area View extends the view to areas the drivers cannot otherwise see, and provides assistance when parking and maneuvering,” explains Gerald Eckert from the Electronics Development department. “With the installation of the assistant in the Passat and Tiguan, Volkswagen has consistently pushed forward the strategy of democratizing driver assistance systems.”


Gerald Eckert joined Volkswagen in 2009. He is currently Project Manager for camera systems in Electronic Development.