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Intuitive and Safe - the New Touareg1

Volkswagen presents the new top model in the SUV family for the first time in Beijing / The new flagship of the Volkswagen brand comes with the "Innovision Cockpit"

Volkswagen presented the latest version of the Touareg in Beijing on Friday, thereby commencing its SUV campaign on the brand's most important market. The third generation is a technological showcase with a large number of innovations, and shows the brand's technical progress: the Innovision Cockpit is particularly impressive, with a large display that is mostly operated by touch. The luxury SUV is also packed with assistance systems that make driving in the biggest model of the SUV fleet safer and more comfortable.

The new Touareg is rolling off the production line at the Bratislava plant in Slovakia. It is the first Volkswagen to feature the Innovision Cockpit on board. That is what Volkswagen calls its new digital instrument, in which the Digital Cockpit with a 12-inch display meets the Discover Premium infotainment system with a 15-inch display. The result is a new digital control, information, communication and entertainment unit - almost completely key and button-free, fully digital, and easy and intuitive to operate.

A new head-up display provides additional comfort for the driver. In the new Touareg, all important information is projected onto the windscreen, and therefore into the driver's field of vision.


The Touareg already offers a glimpse of what tomorrow's driving, supported by intelligent high-tech systems, will look like. The "night vision" assistant, for example, detects people and animals after dark using a thermal imaging camera. The bottom line: it warns the driver long before hazards can be detected by the human eye.

The new Touareg makes a leap forward in terms of safety with its large bundle of on-board assistance systems, which are now controlled from a single, central control unit. The partially automated "traffic jam and roadworks assistant" takes the SUV safely through stop-and-go traffic and often uncomfortably narrow motorway roadworks at speeds of up to 60 km/h. The assistant steers, accelerates and brakes. At intersections, another assistance system steps in: the "intersection assistant" can see "around corners". It warns the driver when a hazard approaches from the side at intersections or exits with poor visibility.

The brand's new flagship has made gains in both length and width. It is almost eight centimeters longer and more than four centimeters wider than its predecessor. The trunk also has 110 liters of extra space, taking the total capacity to 810 liters. But the SUV is no heavier - on the contrary: the Touareg comes in a composite design and consists up to 48% of aluminum. The rest is made from high-tech steels. This makes the third-generation more than 100kg lighter than before.

The first active four-wheel steering system makes the large Touareg as agile as a compact car. Its turning circle is not much bigger than the Golf's - only 11.19 meters. The new roll stabilization system, featuring electro-mechanically controlled stabilizers and an air suspension, enables maximum driving comfort with high-precision handling properties. The lighting technology of the Touareg, which ensures that everything is well-lit, is also in a class of its own.

This is the Volkswagen SUV campaign.

The 2018 Touareg is an important milestone in the biggest product and technology campaign in the history of the Volkswagen brand. In it, the SUV range will undergo a wide-ranging expansion: It currently consists of the new T-Roc, the Tiguan, the new Tiguan Allspace (Europe) and Tiguan L (China), the new Atlas (USA) and Teramont (China), and the fully re-designed Touareg as Volkswagen's top SUV model. At the lower end of the SUV spectrum, Volkswagen will also expand the range with the smaller T-Cross. The first fully electric SUV from Volkswagen is also a done deal: the I.D. CROZZ. It will go into serial production in 2020.


Employees from around the world present the six SUVs currently being built in their plants:

In addition to Europe and Russia, the biggest market for the new third generation of the Touareg is in China. Almost one million units of the Touareg luxury SUV have been sold worldwide to date. For the market launch in the middle of this year, two V6 diesel engines will be available, which will deliver 170 kW/231 bhp or 210 kW/286 bhp of power. This will be followed by a V6 gasoline engine with 250 kW/340 bhp, then by a V8 turbo-diesel with 310 kW/421 bhp in 2019. The range of available engines will not be without a plug-in hybrid drive. This will first be sold in China with a capacity of 270 kW/367 bhp.