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In the Internet
of Things

Raising the curtain on BUDD-e: At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Concept Microbus was met with some incredulous expressions. It is the very first vehicle based on the new Modular Electric Platform. And BUDD-e is the very first Volkswagen to surf effortlessly in the Internet of Things. Fully electric, fully networked.

Home-Net Viewer

Cameras register who’s ringing the networked doorbell. The image is transmitted to the car. And if traffic is slow-moving: the driver can speak to the visitor using the hands-free car kit and open the door for him. 

Home-Net automation

BUDD-e links the car up to your home. Switching off the light, turning up the heat or adjusting the air conditioning when out and about? No problem! If you need to, you can even check what’s left in the fridge.

A warm welcome!

Those who board BUDD-e will receive a personal greeting from an avatar. There is individual ambient lighting in the occupant’s favorite colors above the seat.

No more switches

The car of the future responds to the spoken word. What’s different: Instead of complicated voice commands, BUDD-e can understand everyday language. The system can also identify who is speaking. If the passenger, for example, says “I’m cold!”, then the vehicle turns the heating on – right in the passenger’s climate zone. 

Trip planner 2.0

Plan the route while sitting on the sofa, send it to the car, get in and get driving. It’s that simple. And each passenger can start planning which music he or she wants to listen to even before starting the trip. The new travel app makes it possible.

Drop box

Drop it off here! The postman of the future will be depositing packages and parcels in the car. The drop box is accessible from outside. A digital key ensures that only the postman has access, and no-one else. 

Home-Net Don’t forget

Farewell to forgetfulness. The car of the future reminds its occupants which items they need to take along on the journey, like a watch, keys, and sunglasses. And because BUDD-e magically seems to know when there’s rain rolling in, it can also remind you that the umbrella is still in the stand. All the little wireless stickers affixed to the objects make this possible.