The employee magazine
of the Volkswagen brand


Hello, colleague!

This series introduces Volkswagen employees from around the world. This issue: Ines Mieth (52) from the Wolfsburg plant.

‘I cried tears of joy‘

Ines Mieth

Ms. Mieth, when did you start working at Volkswagen, and what do you do at the Volkswagen plant?

I’ve been working at Service Factory company restaurants since 1990. I first worked for a service provider until I was hired in 2000. Over the years, I worked at the canteens in the training center and at R&D, and also at the Rothehof Guest House. This is now my fifth year at the canteen in the Brand Tower. Actually, there isn’t a canteen in Wolfsburg where I haven’t helped out at least once over the course of my time here. I usually work at the cash register, but I also work at the counter now and then. I love the contact with customers. That’s also the reason why I like coming to work every day.

What was your best ­experience in the years you’ve been at Volkswagen?

That was the moment when I got my permanent employment contract. At that point, I’d been working at Volkswagen for ten years through an outside company – and one day my department head at the time suddenly presented me with the Volkswagen employee information sheet. I cried tears of joy – and went to celebrate with my friends in the evening.

What should colleagues make sure not to miss when they come to visit Wolfsburg?

A trip to the Autostadt (“Automobile City”) in the immediate vicinity of the plant is an absolute must. You can learn a lot about the history of ­Volkswagen there. The AutoMuseum is worth a visit too. I’d also recommend going on a stroll through the Alt-Wolfsburg and Fallersleben parts of town. And there you just have to have a meal at the Hoffmannhaus. It’s where the poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben was born. He was responsible for writing the German national anthem, among other things.