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I.D. BUZZ goes into production

The decision on the electrically powered campervan has been made – the I.D. BUZZ will arrive in 2022

The power of a unique tradition – the I.D. BUZZ study meets the first-generation VW campervan (T1).

The I.D. BUZZ is going into production. This was announced by Volkswagen brand head Herbert Diess at Pebble Beach, California, last weekend. Diess said: “History and future, Pebble Beach and Silicon Valley are all united in this car.” At the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, unusual historic cars met new concept vehicles. “It’s just the right place for the I.D. BUZZ,” Diess declared. “This car is an important pillar in Volkswagen’s electric drive initiative and will take the campervan driving experience into the future.”

Now that development of the production vehicle has been started, the timeline is also set: The I.D. BUZZ will be on the road in 2022. The compact four-door I.D. will arrive before that. Both of these fully electric models in the I.D. family are aimed primarily at the North American, European and Chinese markets.

Volkswagen is now further developing the I.D. BUZZ for series production. Diess explained the production decision: “Since appearing at the world trade fairs in Detroit and Geneva, we received a lot of letters from customers writing ‘Please build this car!’” It is no coincidence that Pebble Beach was chosen for the announcement: “The Microbus, as the VW campervan is called in America, has always been part of the Californian lifestyle,” said Diess. “Now we are bringing it back by developing Volkswagen’s next e-generation and reinventing the campervan in electric form.”

Brand head Herbert Diess and VW Commercial Vehicles Board chair Eckhard Scholz announce production of the electric VW campervan.

At the beginning of this year, the I.D. BUZZ was crowned “Show Car of the Year” at the Detroit Motor Show. When it goes into production, the batteries will be housed in the vehicle floor. The study will be almost 5 meters long, 1.97 meters wide and 1.96 meters high. Since the electric drive requires so little space, the front and rear axle are far apart and enable a large wheelbase: “This means that from the outside, the car looks short, like a compact van, but inside, it has as much space as a transporter,” says Diess. A superior package which gives driver and passengers a lot of room for their journey.

There is also room to transport goods: “As well as a bus version,” announced Eckhard Scholz, chair of the VW Commercial Vehicles Board, “there will also be the I.D. BUZZ CARGO, which will stand for emission-free goods transport and will be a Level 3 vehicle with a highly automated drive. An ideal electric transporter concept, particularly for urban areas.”

I.D. BUZZ – this car is not yet available for purchase and is therefore not subject to EC Directive 1999/94.