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Home game for the Touareg1

Employees at the Bratislava location were able to get to know the new SUV flagship better in a showroom.

Bratislava is a real multi-talent. The roughly 13,700 employees at the Slovakian location build cars for multiple brands in the Group. Seven models roll off the production line every day for five brands, each of them different. The new addition is Touareg number three, and series production has started successfully here. The new SUV celebrated its world premiere in Beijing just a few weeks ago.

Now, it’s also enjoyed three days in the spotlight in April: In a showroom in Bratislava, employees were able to better get to know the new SUV at the gates of the plant. The plant has been the only production site for the Touareg for 16 years. No matter where in the world you see a Touareg, one thing is certain: It came from Bratislava, from the beginning: generations one, two, and now three.

Starting from the early morning hours, employees can marvel at the new SUV. Many who are on their way to the early shift stop for a moment, walk around the SUV, and happily take one or two information brochures with them. Music plays in the background – just like at a real car show. Placed on a small stage, the Touareg attracts the attention of the employees. Because this is “their” Touareg, and every model that runs off the line bears their signature. The colleagues from the Bratislava location are right to be proud of this.

"I like the high-quality technical interior and the timeless design. The Touareg is a top car that has made a big step forward in the 16 years of its production with us."

Peter Mrázik

"Even the first generations had only the best qualities. I am certain that the third generation will not disappoint customers, either. So far, the model has been very successful."

Tomáš Békefy

"I think this model is fantastic. I’d like to get in and drive off right now."

Martin Poláček