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Wedding in Wolfsburg,
Tenth Anniversary in Chattanooga

Ten years ago, employee Benjamin Stüllenberg and his wife Katrin were the first couple to celebrate their wedding at the Wolfsburg plant. Now there’s been a repeat in the United States.

Ten years ago, Benjamin Stüllenberg was the first employee to a wedding tour of the Wolfsburg plant with visitor services. Afterwards, it was off on the honeymoon to the American West Coast. Back then, he and his wife Katrin decided, "We’re going back to the US for our tenth anniversary, our Crystal Anniversary." Now the couple, together with their son Jan (5), has begun their dream trip to the East Coast – and took another plant tour, this time at the Chattanooga location.

"I like working at Volkswagen," is how the Group Security employee explains why he and his wife, as new Wolfsburg residents, had the idea in 2008 to show their wedding guests not only their new home, but also the plant. "It’s great that Volkswagen made it possible, even now for the second time. This company is more than just an employer," says Stüllenberg.

"It’s great that Volkswagen made it possible, even now for the second time."

He’s still excited about their recent tour to the US and the time with his American colleagues: "We spent three days in Chattanooga, one of them at the plant. Everyone went to great lengths to make it an unforgettable experience." The 40-year-old explains, "The plant is incredibly clean and tidy. And Chattanooga is beautifully situated in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, in magnificent natural surroundings."

The location of the brand’s only site in the US was just one of the highlights of their four-week trip. Other stops like Miami, Key West, Orlando, Cape Canaveral, and Nashville inspired the family as well. They covered 2,855 miles, or 4,595 kilometers, in a Jetta. "We remained faithful to Volkswagen when choosing our rental car," says Stüllenberg, looking ahead. "We might go to the northeast coast of the US for our 20th anniversary, with trips to New York and Chicago. In another Volkswagen, of course."

Stopover at the High Point

Katrin and Benjamin Stüllenberg took their first wedding tour through the Wolfsburg plant in April 1998, after the couple had said their vows at the registry office in Wolfsburg. "We had the idea of doing something special and giving our guests an insight into the plant," recalls Benjamin Stüllenberg, who comes from Rhineland and began working for Volkswagen in customer service in 1996.
Visitor Services had decorated the Golf railway that took them to the press shop, body shop, and Touran production. The wedding party made a stopover at the high point, the fusion of body and chassis. There, a souvenir photo was taken. And in Chattanooga, too, the Stüllenbergs were photographed at this point in the car production line.

Even today, the Wolfsburg plant still offers tours for wedding parties. More information on the Volkswagen Portal under "Visitor Services."