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He used to be shy

Artur Reis from plant security does kickboxing in his spare time – with enormous success! He recently defended his world championship title.

Plant security colleagues of Artur Reis (front) proudly celebrate his success.

Visitors to the Wolfsburg plant over the past few weeks could well have been checked at the gate by a newly crowned world kickboxing champion. Wolfsburg native and plant security specialist Artur Reis defended his title in the super middleweight category of up to 78 kilograms. Three years earlier he had won the title for the class right below – middleweight of up to 75 kilograms. inside spoke with the 23-year-old about how he combines his sport and a career.

Was it hard to defend your world championship title this year?

Yes, it was very hard work – it took everything I had to defeat my Hungarian opponent. That shows the importance of good preparation thanks to training six times a week with my AKBC Wolfsburg club. And it was a big help that ­Volkswagen allowed me to work the normal shift during the four weeks leading up to the world championship fight.

Kickboxing seems brutal. Have you ever been seriously injured?
Never, at most a cut or a black eye. If you’re in excellent shape and make sure you have good cover, you don’t have to get injured.

What do your co-workers think about your hobby?
Half my shift was at the ring for my world championship fight in Munster, cheering me on and then congratulating me afterwards. Other colleagues called me beforehand to wish me luck. So my co-workers gave me great support.

What are your plant security responsibilities in Wolfsburg?
I do gate duty, which includes checking ingoing and outgoing traffic and issuing passes. I trained as a tool maker and received my master craftsman certification. I enjoy working at Volkswagen and want to advance my career

Is sport helpful for your job?
Sport gives me a higher level of ­composure, satisfaction and especially self-confidence. I used to be shy, and rarely said anything. That’s quite different now. Meanwhile, I even sign autographs for fans, especially at events in France where kickboxing is really popular.