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Pact for the Future

Human Resources Begins
 100-Days Program

The department of board member Gunnar Kilian aims to shape cultural change and drive forward the transformation of the company.

Human Resources is working at a fast pace: within 100 days, board member Gunnar Kilian’s department wants to have implemented important measures for cultural change, human resources development and planning, and employer attractiveness. To this end, they have launched a program that was recently kicked off. The goal? Human Resources is shaping cultural change, driving the transformation forward and taking employees along for the ride.

The program will run until September 29, not counting the plant holidays. The 42 projects contributing to the departmental and corporate strategy include several components of the “HR Lateral Thinking Factory.” At this conference, employees in Human Resources dealt with the future of human resources work. “This shows that there’s also a lot of interest from among our own ranks to change something,” said Kilian in front of roughly 60 HR managers who are making a significant contribution to advancing the key issues. This also includes, for example, the digitalization of the Human Resources department and there focusing of human resources management.