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Great idea from Pamplona

The Volkswagen Group honored employees from Volkswagen Navarra.

Volkswagen Navarra’s production head, Miguel Ángel Grijalba (fourth from left), with the idea’s creators.

A maintenance team from Volkswagen’s plant in Pamplona submitted the best idea for improvement in the Volkswagen Group’s production division in 2016. Javier Beltrán and Miguel Ángel Grijalba accepted the award on behalf of their colleagues at the Group’s Production Optimization forum in Wolfsburg.

The body shop at the Spanish plant uses spreading magnets to separate individual stacked components so robots can pick them up one by one. Guide units and a lifting mechanism with suction technology can then place them in the same position every time. This enables the robots to pick them up with greater speed and precision. By eliminating delays and disturbances, the idea reduces both maintenance needs and reworking activities. It brings annual savings of around €64,000, and can be applied to all stackable components throughout the Volkswagen Group.

The aim of the Group’s Production Optimization forum is to further promote the exchange of best-practice examples across brand, regional, and factory lines in the Volkswagen Group. Every year it gives awards in this area to the best brands, factories, and business divisions.