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Integrity Ambassadors:
Full of Optimism for their Mission

At the brand tower in Wolfsburg, 110 employees reported on their experiences in their new role and looked to the future.

Network event: Integrity ambassadors from Volkswagen and Audi visited the brand tower.

A warm welcome for 110 integrity ambassadors and interested parties from six Volkswagen plants, brands and companies in Germany, as well as from Audi: under the slogan “Living with integrity,” they shared their experiences and looked to the future together during the network event at the brand tower in Wolfsburg.
The integrity ambassadors had lots to talk about – and conveyed optimism for the future. In Quality Assurance, for example, integrity has become a regular talking point in the division and department managers’ meetings, thanks to the engagement of the team.

Meanwhile, in the Finance division, the number of ambassadors has increased from two to twenty since last August. In addition, the pilot project “ECI@Finance” is helping implement the standards of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI). One exciting aspect of this is the interlinking of integrity, compliance and risk management. There is also a good example from Technical Development, where ambassadors have visited 15 of 31 departments thus far to inform others about integrity.

Hiltrud D. Werner, Executive Board Member

The list of actions that were discussed at the network meeting is long. Many ideas inspired others to imitate them, from setting up a mailbox for questions to consultations for personal discussions and informative events for larger groups.

Answering questions

If you want to participate in the ambassador program, have any questions or want to contact the integrity ambassador for your department, you can find further information on the Volkswagen Portal under “Integrity.”

The meeting was attended by many integrity ambassadors as well as by representatives from Volkswagen Financial Services AG, from Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH and from Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.
It is interesting to note that there are now 220 active integrity ambassadors at the Wolfsburg plant alone. The international rollout of the network is well underway too, with 60 employees of Mexico having chosen to become ambassadors. In Argentina, there are 20. And there have been initial discussions with employees in Spain, China and Russia about joining the ambassador network.

As an “ambassador from the very beginning,” Board Member Hiltrud D. Werner shared her experiences at the event. She cited a statement by a representative from the US Department of Justice, who has monitored Volkswagen since the diesel crisis began: “Volkswagen is not the same company it was before.” This is a change the ambassadors have worked hard to make happen, and will continue making happen.