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Freedom to choose

Production and Logistics is giving the regions greater freedom of choice. The Pune plant in India is making use of this for their sun visors and roof linings.

Employee Sanjay Kumbhar from the Pune plant installing a sun visor.

Customer requirements concerning quality differ from country to country. For a long time, the brand endeavored to deliver the same quality in every model and in every country. Production and Logistics is responding to this. In its new department strategy, TRANSFORM.FACTORY+, it has formulated a clear goal in the Quality action area: customer requirements will be represented, in a forward-looking and regionally specific way, in all processes. This enables the Volkswagen brand not only to serve its customers better, but also to save a lot of money.

» We are strengthening the regions and giving them more freedom of choice, which is completely in the spirit of the brand strategy. «

Dieter Kramer

In the plant in Pune, India, these new “quality genes” can be detected in all future vehicles. One example is the sun visor, which will be made from a thermoplastic polymer and no longer out of particle foam. The new material, sourced from an Indian supplier, has the advantage of being somewhat harder and more heat-resistant, making it perfectly suited to the climate conditions in India.

Roof linings provide another example. Competitors on the Indian market have for some time been using non-woven material from a local supplier instead of woven material from Europe. In the future, the Volkswagen brand will do this too, mainly to save on costs – and these savings can then be passed on to the customer.  

“We are strengthening the regions and giving them more freedom of choice, which is completely in the spirit of the brand strategy,” says Dieter Kramer, project manager in the Quality action area within the department strategy TRANSFORM.FACTORY+.

“With our new Q-gene process,” he says, “we are not only adapting to regional customer requirements, but also to competitors’ products, the cost situation, and local technical feasibility. At the same time, we will meet our expectation of high Volkswagen quality 100 percent, and even more efficiently.”

The employees welcome this. “We know the market in India and what people want from our everyday experience. We are pleased to have more creative freedom,” says Vikas Mahimkar, subdepartment manager for Quality Assurance.