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Fire Station Is Officially Opened

Gunnar Kilian and Bernd Osterloh inaugurated the new home of the plant fire department.

Gunnar Kilian (fourth from left) and Bernd Osterloh (fifth from left): The Chief Human Resources Officer and Works Council Chairman opened the new fire station.

The new plant fire department in Wolfsburg on Strasse 37 has been officially opened. Chief Human Resources Officer Gunnar Kilian and Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh, who arrived at the event in the “Volkswagen Move by Service Factory Shuttle,” inaugurated the new station. The move from the old fire station near the East Gate took place shortly before Christmas.

Kilian: “I’m impressed by the new fire station. The short construction time and the moderate cost development were in part made possible by the close cooperation between the planners and the future users of the building. Our colleagues developed the specifications themselves, in order to incorporate their individuals needs and work requirements in the design.”

Osterloh took the opportunity to praise the fire department for its work: “A site with 70,000 employees is full of hazards and risks. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that there’s a troupe of well-qualified and equipped fire fighters and paramedics at our service in an emergency. Because of you, everyone at the site is kept safe, and feels safe. We would like to thank you for that today.”

"Because of you, everyone at the site is kept safe, and feels safe"

Bernd Osterloh, Works Council Chairman

The plant fire department helped design the new fire station: (back row from left) Markus Isensee, Jens Lankau, (front row from left) Viktor Sibilski, Werner Weiss, Jan Ahrens.

Niko Meinke-Marquardt (Head of the Plant Fire Department at Wolfsburg): “Our new location in the middle of the plant provides ideal conditions. Within five minutes, we can be anywhere in the plant in the event of an emergency. This meets the legal requirements and ensures everyone’s safety."

In addition to space for vehicles and materials, the fire station has five workshops, 25 break rooms, kitchens, and a sports hall, as well as training and office rooms. The workplace has also been made more ergonomic by including employees in the design process. For example, ceiling cranes and extensive automations in the respiratory protection workshop will facilitate lifting of heavy objects.

"Within five minutes, we can be anywhere in the plant in the event of an emergency"

Niko Meinke-Marquardt, Head of the Plant Fire Department at Wolfsburg

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