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Every euro helps

Employees of Volkswagen Slovakia donated several thousand euros on Narcissus Day.

In return for a donation, employees received a narcissus to pin on their clothing.

Yellow blossoms were everywhere to be seen at Volkswagen Slovakia in early April. It was the 21st annual Narcissus Day, which is organized by the Anti-Cancer League to benefit cancer patients, their relatives, and cancer prevention research. Nearly 20,000 volunteers went out around the country to gather donations.

This was the first year they had access to the Volkswagen plants in Bratislava, Stupava, and Martin. Many employees promptly responded. In return for their donations, they received a narcissus – or daffodil – to pin on their clothing.

“I think it’s a good campaign that every one of us can support,” said Marcel Hudeček, a product and process analyst. His colleague Filip Bitala added, “I’m familiar with Narcissus Day, and when I heard that volunteers would be coming to the plant, I didn’t hesitate to donate. I’m pleased to support good and meaningful work. And I’m convinced that every donation helps.”

Donations at the three plants reached the impressive total of €6,265. The Volkswagen Slovakia Foundation matched the amount, so €13,000 was given to the Anti-Cancer League.