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Hallo, Kollegin!
Hello, colleague!

Our series introduces Volkswagen employees from around the world. This issue: Peggy Rietzschel (19), an industrial mechanic apprentice at the engine plant in Chemnitz, Germany.

» I found the time I spent in crankshaft production quite impressive. «

Peggy Rietschel

What exactly do you do at Volkswagen Sachsen?

I’m an apprentice in my second year, which is why I’m not assigned to any one specific area yet. I attend various courses such as pneumatics and hydraulics, and am getting to know individual production areas and departments at our plant during my rotations here. The first practical experience I was allowed to have was in crankshaft production. I found that quite impressive and liked it very much.

 What is the best experience you have had so far at ­Volkswagen?

When I signed my apprenticeship contract − that was a very special moment. I am enjoying the ­apprenticeship a lot. In addition to my work as an apprentice, I am also involved in representing the ­interests of my fellow apprentices. That’s a very exciting change from the daily routine for me, and it’s an important responsibility.

What should colleagues visiting Chemnitz make sure to see or do?

The city of Chemnitz has a long and important industrial history. During the age of industrialization – in the second half of the 18th and in the 19th century – Chemnitz was even called the “Saxon Manchester.” That’s why a trip to the Saxon ­Museum of Industry is almost ­obligatory. It has four locations in and around Chemnitz − and it’s extremely interesting. A visitor’s tour should also include a look at the city’s landmark, the Karl Marx head. It’s a massive monument. The head and base platform are more than 13 meters high. I personally also to like to visit the Botanical Garden in the northern part of the city.