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Product line organisation

A new way of thinking is needed

The introduction of the new organization of product lines requires employees to rethink their roles.

It was a real paradigm shift for the Volkswagen Brand, when, at the beginning of the year, the matrix organiza­tional structure was introduced. It ­replaced the former line organization. Alongside the existing departments of development, production, and sales, the four cross-departmental G1 to G4 product lines were established. The Volkswagen Academy has developed a seminar to teach participants the fundamentals of the matrix organizational structure. Katrin Nehring, an educational specialist from the Academy, summarizes the main points for inside.

“The matrix organizational structure requires employees to gain a new understanding of their roles. They can no longer concentrate solely on their own area, but also have to understand what’s going on in other areas.”

“Conflicts between individual departments are welcome. Employees have to realize that a conflict is fundamentally something positive. A decision then must be made in the interest of the company.”

“This new structure requires employees to assume responsibility. People are no longer in charge of a certain area or issue; they’re also responsible for it. It’s important for us to take a solution-oriented, as opposed to a problem-oriented, approach.”