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Education in the mountains

Employees from Shanghai support a primary school in Guizhou Province.

Primary school students had an exciting week with volunteer assistants from Volkswagen Shanghai.

It’s not the first time that employees from Shanghai are visiting Huayan Primary School in Guizhou Province in the southwest of China. As they travel through the rough mountain terrain, the volunteers ask themselves, “How have schoolchildren’s lives changed in one of the poorest parts of China? Will the children remember the employees who visited the last time?”

Members of the team help out with lessons at the school, and are impressed by the students. Whether the subject is English, math, or art, the children learn quickly and enjoy themselves enormously in the process. Some of them even solve problems from a Mathematical Olympiad without any assistance.

It’s clear that although the schoolchildren in this mountainous region of China might not have enough books or teachers, they’re not short on talent. Creative projects, such as making small figures out of paper, are also on offer, as is computer-assisted art. For many of the children, this is a completely new experience.

Volkswagen wants to support
even more primary schools in poor regions in the future with its Starry Program. “We haven’t just been cleaning classrooms and donating equipment,” say the employees. “Our main achievement has been helping to make learning fun for the children so they will approach the future with higher expectations.”