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Good deeds with currywurst

Bernd Huneke, an employee with Volkswagen’s Service Factory, supplies retailers with currywurst. He is now also selling it at a Christmas market for a good cause.

Dunja and Bernd Huneke’s stand was very busy. On a side note, Bernd used to be a coach and athletic director for the VfL Wolfsburg women’s national league team.

The legendary Volkswagen currywurst is something Bernd Huneke (51), an employee of Volkswagen’s catering services, works with both on and off the job. He and his wife Dunja, who works in the same field, recently sold the famous sausages at a Christmas market near Wolfsburg – donating their time and the proceeds to charity. “It was great,” Huneke says. “Our customers liked them and we brought in a fair amount of money.”

Residents of Isenbüttel and Wasbüttel, two villages some 20 kilometers from Wolfsburg, have been holding a joint Christmas market that alternates between their two locations for 30 years now. The proceeds go to an association at ­Hanover’s medical school that helps children with cancer. Last year the market raised around €25,000. The association uses the money to do things like pay for apartments so parents can stay nearby and help their children during treatments.

The Hunekes are parents themselves, so volunteering at the Christmas market makes perfect sense for them. How did they get started? “My sister’s mother-in-law was one of the very first organizers of the project,” says Bernd Huneke. Because his job with the Service Factory means he is in charge of selling currywurst to retailers, it quickly became clear how he and his wife could help out. As he explains, “This is the third time we’ve sold currywurst here. And every time it’s a great feeling to do something for a good cause.”