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Bonuses for a new car until the end of the year

A few days ago, Volkswagen started the environment and future program. Here’s what you need to know about the environment bonus and the future bonus in Germany.

Who can receive the environment bonus? Anyone who buys a new Volkswagen car before December 31, 2017 and at the same time scraps an old diesel vehicle (with a Euro 4 emissions standard or older) receives up to €10,000.

How is the bonus calculated? The bonus depends on the model chosen by the customer. For example, €2,000 for the up!, €5,000 for the Golf, and €10,000 for the Touareg.

How does the program work? The program is run by Volkswagen partners. The customer presents registration certificates and order documents as well as proof that the vehicle is to be scrapped.

What are the rules for scrapping?  The old car must have been registered with the buyer for at least six months.

If I buy an entry-level model with an environment bonus, what will the prices be like? For an up!, the price will be €7,975; for a Golf, from €12,850; for a Touran, from €17,925; and for a Passat Variant, from €19,825.

What is the future bonus?
Anyone who decides to purchase a Volkswagen with the environmentally friendly alternatives natural gas, hybrid, or electric drive will receive between €1,000 and €2,380.

Can I combine the ­environment bonus and the future bonus with ­government incentives for electric cars? Yes, for the Passat GTE, you can receive an incentive totaling €13,070.

Can I also receive the bonuses if I order a Volkswagen through the employee sales program? Yes, the bonuses are also available in the employee sales program. A financial benefit doesn’t apply, but the bonuses cannot be used in conjunction with other offers from the employee sales program.