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Better visibility on corners

How the dynamic cornering light works in the Arteon

At night, every split second counts – a winding section of country road, a poorly lit corner in a residential area, or an obstacle in the middle of a dark road. It’s all about spotting problems early on. The earlier, the better.

The Arteon is the first Volkswagen to come with a dynamic cornering light system with new forward-thinking control. The dual LED headlights light up a corner as early as two seconds before you start to steer into it. The Arteon’s new lighting system gains its sixth sense from a connection between the front camera and the navigation system.

The Gran Turismo model is fitted with LED lights for the main and dipped beams as standard. The top-of-the-range models – the Arteon Elegance and Arteon R-Line – also come equipped with Light Assist, an automatic headlight control function that switches the full beam lights on and off depending on the approaching traffic.

The two top-line versions of the Arteon are also available with the optional Active Lighting System technology package. This uses dual LED headlights equipped with something known as project lenses, and includes features such as Dynamic Light Assist and the “dynamic cornering light.” The dynamic cornering light uses variable headlight modules to light up corners depending on the angle of the steering wheel. The new Arteon also comes with an innovative new function that lights up corners independently of the steering angle, thinking ahead using images from the front camera and route data from the navigation system. As a result, the Gran Turismo model is able to light up curves before the driver has a chance to steer. What’s more, the light cones of the headlights are aligned with the radius of the corner, as there is less spreading loss at the edge of the road.