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A new era begins

A hundred weeks to the I.D. production launch: Volkswagen coordinates the start-up with suppliers.

Together with top managers of key suppliers, Volkswagen has begun the countdown to the production launch of the first I.D. model.

Brand CEO Herbert Diess, together with his colleagues on the board of ­management and the top managers of key suppliers, has signed a partnership agreement to ensure an excellent launch for the I.D. family. Diess says: “Our ­preparations for entry into the new era of affordable e-mobility are well underway. In this unique industry project, we intend to work together to ensure that Europe is ahead in the global race for the leading position in e-mobility.” Zwickau will be developing into the ­largest European e-mobility competence center, says Diess. “This means that we can write a new chapter in the history of the automobile,” said the brand CEO, and emphasized the dimensions of the project. The brand alone will offer more than 20 all-electric cars by 2022, and will be investing around six billion euros on e-mobility over the next five years. Board member for procurement Ralf Brandstätter explained that so far more than a hundred suppliers have been nominated for the e-offensive. “What I find important is that a new type of cooperation between our partners and Volkswagen is beginning today. We are involving our top suppliers in development and work on the I.D. project significantly earlier and much more intensively.”