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»We have a good chance of getting customers excited again«

Brand CEO Herbert Diess answered questions from employees at another of Internal Communications’ Question Time events – this time at the Anchieta plant in Brazil.

In many countries, including here in Brazil, one often hears that young people are no longer very interested in owning a car. How is our company responding to this situation?

Wallace Lacerna

I believe that young people do appreciate cars. Especially in developing countries like Brazil, a car still stands for freedom, independence, and a certain degree of prosperity. But it’s true. Modern technology – the key word here being digitalization – enables new and more diverse ways of using cars. This creates new business opportunities. We therefore also want to offer something to those people who don’t want to buy their own car. One thing we’re currently working on is a system for using your Smartphone to exchange car keys with someone else. This will enable people to share a car.

Will Volkswagen invest in the production of electric cars in Brazil, or in South America in general?

John Meckien

The market is in the process of development. At the moment, China is emerging as the leading market for electric mobility. The momentum is enormous. Through our TRANSFORM 2025+ strategy, we are expecting to sell around 60 percent of our electric cars there. Over the long term, electric cars will also play a role here in South America.

What are the current priorities for Volkswagen do Brasil?

Cileide Ramires

Volkswagen was number one in Brazil for decades. We want to be that again. Over the past few years, we have made our plants competitive again and at the same time invested substantially in new ­technology and cars. In the second half of the year, we are launching the Polo and the Virtus. Both are based on a local version of the MQB. We are bringing cutting-edge technology and competitive costs to South America, which means we have a good chance of getting customers throughout the region excited about Volkswagen again, and of recapturing our former strength.