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Apprentices assist the arts

Young apprentices at the Kassel site are helping with the preparations for the international art exhibition documenta 14.

The apprentices stand proudly in front of the “Parthenon of Books” in Kassel.

Apprentices at the Kassel plant are currently assisting with the arts as part of their daily work routine. The young women and men are helping prepare for the documenta, one of the world’s leading exhibitions of contemporary art. This year it is being held not only in the German city of Kassel (June 10 to September 17) but also in the Greek capital of Athens (until July 16). Volkswagen is one of the main sponsors.

The young trainees at the plant in the state of Hesse are devoting most of their efforts to setting up the “Parthenon of Books.” This work of art takes the form of the Parthenon temple in Athens and will be hung with up to 100,000 books that have been or are still banned in some countries. Argentinian artist Marta Minujín sees her work as a statement against the censorship of texts and the persecution of their authors.

Most of the books used in the work have been donated by publishing houses and private individuals. Before hanging up the books, the apprentices stamp them, seal them in plastic, and attach wire ties. The young women and men are all in agreement: “We are proud to be taking part in this project.”