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Hello, Colleague!

Alicia Reitze, the first female maintenance technician at the hardening shop from the Kassel (Germany) location.

"More than 360,000 gear parts like shafts and wheels are hardened each day."

Alicia Reitze

What exactly does your current role at Volkswagen at the Kassel location involve?

I started my training as a mechatronics engineer in September 2013 and successfully completed it in January 2017 with my final project, "Hydraulic Test Bench," in the hardening shop. After my transfer, I also worked as a machine operator in the hardening shop in Hall 3. But I’ve worked in Hall 1 since July of last year. Together with Halls 3 and 4, it is one of the largest hardening shop production units in Europe. More than 360,000 gear parts like shafts and wheels are hardened each day. There, I manage and order hardening grates, check stocks, regulate the flow of incoming orders, am entrusted with organizational and administrative tasks, and even take care of one or two other special assignments.

What is the best experience you have had so far at Volkswagen?

Successfully passing my final examination and my subsequent transfer. I’m also proud to be the first woman to work in maintenance at the hardening shop. I really enjoy working with my colleagues, the organization and bearing responsibility.

What should colleagues visiting Kassel be sure to see or do?

The Orangerie in Karlsaue Park, very close to the old city palace, is definitely worth seeing and a nice leisure location. If you’re looking for good excursion options and sightseeing outside of Kassel, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Lake Edersee. It’s one of the largest reservoirs in Germany.