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Next generation: the e-Golf Touch

Premiered at CES 2016, the e-Golf Touch remains timeless and technically advanced. We present some highlights.

Roomy, flexible, well-connected

The new generation of the Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB) comes with a 9.2-inch high-resolution display, which will show whatever the driver chooses. The new MIB also has App-Connect on board.

Airborne charge

Charging without a dock: Smartphone battery dead? You can charge it without a cable. “Wireless Charging” powers up your device via induction. There is a tray under the infotainment unit for the driver and front-seat passenger, while passengers in the back seat have a tray of their own.

Improved comprehension

Electronic voice amplification facilitates communication on board. The hands-free microphone amplifies the voices in the front and uses loudspeakers in the rear to allow the driver and the front-seat passenger to communicate clearly with those in the back.