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Hallo, Kollege!*

We introduce Volkswagen employees from around the world. This issue: Joachim Janssen (58) from the plant in Emden, Germany.

*Hello, colleague!

“It's fascinating to experience the North Sea during a storm.”

Joachim Janssen

Mr. Janseen, what exactly do you do at the Emden plant?

I started as a welder in car body construction. Later I worked in the spot repair section of the paint shop. Now I’m in special vehicles. Here we fill specialized customer orders like police cars and other special or ­emergency vehicles. But any other customer-specific requests, such as vehicle wrap orders, can also be filled here. We are extremely proud of our wrapping center. It’s my responsibility to prepare our vehicles for delivery to customers. I’m very exacting about checking the paintwork and treatment to ensure that the customer always gets top quality.

What is the best experience you have had so far at Volkswagen?

At the beginning of the 1990s we followed an East Frisian tradition by putting up a maypole between the halls. For those who don’t know this tradition, a maypole is a decorated tree or tree branch that is usually put up on May 1 to welcome in the spring. It’s not necessarily a typical thing to do in a Volkswagen plant, but it gave our team a lot of joy and brought us closer together.

What should colleagues visiting Emden be sure to see when they are here?

There’s quite a lot to see in East Frisia. For example, it’s fascinating to experience the North Sea during a storm. In addition to that, I would recommend “bosseln” – a type of road bowling − which is the East Frisian national sport. It involves throwing a wooden or rubber ball with a diameter of 9 to 12 centimeters across the road with all the strength you can muster. The throwing technique is similar to the one used in bowling.