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A job with prospects

Realigning work focus is a central element of the Pact for the Future. Emine Armagan from the Braunschweig plant is a good example of what can be achieved in this respect.

Emine Armagan at her workstation in the battery assembly unit.

The plastics technology department at the Braunschweig plant has been home to Emine Armagen in a work sense for many years. The qualified industrial mechanic’s responsibilities included the deburring – in other words, removing any sharp edges – of molded plastic parts and outer panels for the B-post.

In 2015,
when the plant was looking for staff for its battery manufacturing unit, the 30-year-old quickly sent off her application – even though she wasn’t exactly an expert in electrics at the time. “So I first had to undergo training,” says Armagan. She spent four weeks being instructed about key issues when working on vehicles that use high-voltage systems. “It was a really exciting experience,” says the young woman, who joined the battery manufacturing team after successfully passing the training examination. “It made me feel very proud.” Armagen now assembles batteries that are then fitted into the e-Golf in Wolfsburg and Dresden.

“I can really recommend to all colleagues that they should show willing in taking on new challenges,” says Armagan, relating to her own change of career path. “I ­haven’t regretted making the switch for a single moment.”