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How a Touran¹ Becomes a Police Car

120 police cars were built this year alone at Special Vehicle Construction in Wolfsburg – and a total of nearly 7,000 custom models this year.

Finished product: from left, Peter Warnecke, Artur Bratzel, Alexander Freivogel and Andreas Dziura with the police car they built.

Where do police cars actually come from?

Anyone who has ever wondered this will find the answer in Hall 12 on Mittelstrasse at the Wolfsburg plant: at Special Vehicle Construction. 38 hours: that’s how long Andreas Dziura (53), Alexander Freivogel (33), Peter Warnecke (55) and Artur Bratzel (49) need to transform a normal Touran into a police car ready to report for duty – flashing blue lights, siren, weapons case and radio included. The four employees from Special Vehicle Construction have just completed a car for the Bavarian state police. A brief check: the flashing lights are working.
“Maybe we’d better not test the siren here in the hall,” says Andreas Dziura with a smile. 

But that’s working just fine, too, of course. From sirens to the radio: any car that rolls off the line here in the hall is ready to report for duty.  Interestingly, no one on the team of four ever had any notions of becoming a police officer. But if you think the team isn’t thrilled about their work, think again. “Building a police car is unimaginably fun. It’s such a great design,” says Peter Warnecke. The car’s decals alone consist of 305 individual pieces. “At the end of the day, we’re extremely proud when everything works as it should,” says Andreas Dziura. No two police cars are the same: each different German state has its own design specifications. “Hardly any two are alike if you look closely,” says Artur Bratzel.

Not to mention what’s under the hood. “There are eight different radios alone,” says Alexander Freivogel.
The department is home to 53 employees. The hall will produce 120 police cars over the course of this year – even if their 600 parts make these cars the most extensive customization project in Special Vehicle Construction. “And we do more than just build police cars here,” says department head Arne Olfermann. Ambulances, cars for driving schools, taxis: all told, nearly 7,000 vehicles will undergo customization here this year. Fully customized. Made in Wolfsburg.

It all starts with a normal series vehicle.

"Building a police car is unimaginably fun. It’s such a great design"

Peter Warnecke, Special Vehicle Construction

53 employees: that’s how many people are currently on the team working in Special Vehicle Construction in Hall 12 at the Wolfsburg plant. 46 of them work in direct contact with the vehicles, seven indirectly. 6,918 vehicles are planned for 2019. The majority – 4,050 vehicles – will become taxis and rental cars. 260 vehicles are being built for customs and the police.