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Old Recipe, New Currywurst

Employees taste test the original recipe currywurst from 1973 – now available for sale.

It’s the comeback of the year: the original recipe currywurst, first served in 1973, is coming back to the Volkswagen menu. “What’s special about this sausage is that it’s not just pork. It’s actually nearly 40 percent beef,” explains Dietmar Schulz, Head of Food Production. When the mad cow crisis began in the early 2000s, Volkswagen changed its beloved original recipe. “We cut out the beef and produced the sausage using just pork,” says Schulz. But now it’s back to the way it used to be. And how does it taste? Six employees indulged us in a taste test. The conclusion? Employees are excited to see it back on their plates. “Starting on February 8, the original currywurst will be sold directly once a month,” says Dietmar Schulz. The sausage will also be available in the company restaurants at Volkswagen locations in Germany. “It won’t be available all the time, just every now and then,” says Schulz. Mark your calendars: it will debut on Thursday, February 14. And Volkswagen has the perfect sauce to go with it: Sauce Number One. “The Catering team has developed this sauce specially for the original currywurst,” says Schulz proudly.

Starting immediately, employees can purchase a three-pack of the original currywurst for 1.99 euros at each stock sale (once a month, Hall 50 A). The next sale will be held on Friday, February 8 from 9 am to 1 pm. The special sauce will also be available for purchase: 400 mL for just 1.90 euros. All of the company restaurants at Volkswagen’s German locations will serve the original currywurst on Thursday, February 14.

"The sausage has an excellent consistency. It tastes even better than the one we have now. I’d love to be able to enjoy currywurst even more often at the company restaurant, maybe every Tuesday? Hint hint."

Kristina Karge (19), Trainee

"I think the strong flavor is really great. I don’t even need fries to go with it. It’s filling enough on its own."

Stephan Sita (44), Special Vehicle Construction

"If nothing else, I like this currywurst because we were born in the same year: 1973. Not to mention that it’s really, really tasty. I’d rather have this version than the all-pork currywurst."

Jeannette Thiemann (45), Assembly Line 4

"It’s really very tasty, and doesn’t have that strong beefy flavor. Actually, I don’t even like beef. I’m really surprised at how good it tastes. I look forward to enjoying it again soon."

Chiara Höfner (20), Trainee

"You can really taste the beef. And this is 
a bit leaner 
than your typical 
currywurst. We eat currywurst once a month with our friends. Next time we’ll be sure to have the beef sausages."

Martin Maksymiec (38), Body Shop

"It tastes really good – and it has a nice, firm texture. I like a stronger flavor."

Peter Förster (60), Body Shop