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Integrity and 

Five Areas 
Everyone Can Contribute.

Familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct, laws, and internal policies that apply to you in your work. If you’re unsure, brush up on the information and contact your supervisor or colleagues 
in the Compliance department.

Live out the Volkswagen essentials in your daily work: For example, be careful to avoid waste, address problems openly, support new things, respect other opinions, do your work with care and passion, and have fun working with others. Let people count on you.

Everyone is a risk manager. You need to have your “risk goggles” on while you’re going about your work! If you spot risks, please address them openly. Remain firm, even if it involves unpleasant news. In the first instance, you should discuss risks  with your supervisor and take the appropriate countermeasures yourself. In the second step, you will also receive support from the Risk Management department.

Be attentive, courageous 
and careful. It’s important to make decisions 
in the interest of the company and thus to take public image into account.

Keep your promises! Most of us prefer a “yes” to a “no.” Nevertheless, it’s important that you make promises to colleagues that you can keep. And if, contrary to expectations, you can’t fulfill a promise, then let people know as soon as possible. Because being courageous 
at this point improves our daily cooperation – and thus also our company.

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