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The most important terms around Together4Integrity 
briefly explained:


This term describes adherence laws, internal and external regulations, and voluntary commitments. The company can only be protected from damage 
to its image and fines if employees 
behave in accordance with the rules.


Living integrity means doing the right thing in your professional environment out of conviction. This means adhering to the Group essentials and the ethical principles enshrined therein, and complying with the rules. This also includes the steadfastness to adhere to these principles – regardless of economic and social pressure.

Risk Management

This term means identifying risks at an early stage, evaluating them realistically, and managing them with appropriate and effective measures.

Corporate culture

Culture describes how employees behave every day in the company and which values and rules – spoken and unspoken – they follow: for example how they work together, organize work, make decisions and react to changes. The basis for our corporate culture are the Volkswagen Group essentials.

Code of Conduct

These are the “fundamental laws” of 
the Group. The Code of Conduct, which is available online, is intended to make it easier for employees to deal with existing rules in the company and to provide them with orientation, 
help and advice.

Volkswagen Group Essentials

These seven principles are the foundation of our values and the basis for our corporate culture: 1) We take responsibility for the environment and our community. 
2) We are honest and take action when something is wrong. 3) We’re not afraid to try new things. 4) We practice diversity. 5) We are proud of our achievements. 
6) WE, not I. 7) We keep our word

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You can find information and lots of news around the topic of T4I on the internal GroupConnect platform.

Volkswagen Portal:
The Volkswagen Portal provides everything you need to know about T4I under the heading “Company” and the subheading “Together4Integrity, Integrity, Culture, Compliance”.

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