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Here We Logo!

The T4I logo will be visible throughout the Volkswagen Group in the near future. What does it mean?

The Together4Integrity program is based on these five principles. And just as the T4I logo grows out of the five principles, Volkswagen’s new integrity and compliance culture should 
also grow out of these five principles.

The T4I logo shows a stylized tree. The five colored lines stand for the five ECI principles. These were set up by Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI), an organization committed to the development and implementation of ethics and compliance programs.

The ECI principles are:

Integrity and compliance is central to our business strategy.

Integrity and compliance risks are identified, assigned to an official, controlled and mitigated.

Our leaders at all levels across our organization build and sustain a culture of integrity.

The reporting of concerns or suspected 
misconduct is protected.

We take action and bear the 
responsibility and consequences.

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Here’s more information:

You can find information and lots of news around the topic of T4I on the internal GroupConnect platform.

Volkswagen Portal:
The Volkswagen Portal provides everything you need to know about T4I under the heading “Company” and the subheading “Together4Integrity, Integrity, Culture, Compliance”.

Tip: You can see this button on some GroupConnect pages. Simply click on it to be automatically redirected to the T4I page.