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Employees Fly the Flag for Group Essentials…

… and Together4Integrity.


We take on responsibility for the environment and society.

We are honest and speak up when something is wrong.

We break new ground.

We live diversity.

We are proud of the work we do.

We not me.

We keep our word.

The Volkswagen Group essentials are the foundation of the Volkswagen Group’s values 
and the basis of its common corporate culture. Thus, they also play a connecting role 
with the integrity and compliance program, Together4Integrity (T4I). 
Employees have now set an example at the works meeting.

The seven Group essentials were presented for the first time at works meetings in Wolfsburg and Braunschweig on September 11 and 19. These core principles form the foundation for a corporate culture that also supports Volkswagen in its goal of becoming a role model for integrity. However, it’s not enough just to write these guidelines down; they also have to be brought to life. 
Employees have now done that and 
committed themselves to the Group essentials. In spite of all the seriousness, it was also quite humorous: in a photo box caravan for example, which the colleagues obviously had fun with.

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Volkswagen Portal:
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