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Training Plan for More Integrity and Compliance

With the "Together4Integrity" program – T4I for short – Volkswagen is sending a strong signal that the Group keeps its word.

With the “Together4Integrity” program – T4I for short – Volkswagen is sending a strong signal that the Group keeps its word. The company is thus placing an even stronger focus on making risks transparent. In addition, employees are encouraged to address critical situations and mistakes openly, to communicate courageously and constructively across hierarchies, and to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules.

The diesel crisis has fundamentally changed the 
Volkswagen Group. A change was and is urgently necessary. The Group has already made great strides in driving this forward. Although Volkswagen employees are standing up for the company with dedication, passion, and honesty, and it has always been a matter of course for the vast majority of them to act with integrity and comply with rules, misconduct like that of the emissions scandal damages trust in the Group. With the new Together4Integrity program, which will also reach Volkswagen AG in Germany in December, the company wants to regain the trust of its customers, suppliers, shareholders, and not least, its employees.

Initiatives from various 
specialist areas are bundled together
Together4Integrity – or T4I for short – bundles and complements all integrity, culture, compliance, and risk management initiatives that have already been planned and launched in the various specialist areas and brands. Volkswagen wants to be first class in terms of integrity and compliance. A corporate culture is set to be created that enables all employees to work together in partnership on an equal footing, and strengthens value-oriented action. T4I is helping Volkswagen to protect and preserve the company for future generations. Employees should be proud of their workplace again – and of course, the company should continue to be successful.

Everyone makes a constructive contribution to the solution
This change needs to be consistently driven forward, not only by the top-level management, but by each individual as well. Managers and employees are active agents of change. They can now do more than ask themselves, “Am I doing this right?” Instead, they can ask, “Am I doing the right thing?” Everyone can contribute by, for example, openly addressing critical situations and mistakes, pointing out risks, complying with rules and Group essentials, and contributing constructively to solutions. Only this way can customers be convinced that not only are the Volkswagen Group’s products manufactured using innovative technologies, but also that the company is continuously working to become even more transparent, open, and truthful. T4I is thus also a sign that the Group is making progress in becoming a trustworthy company – and a promise that Volkswagen keeps its word.

"Together4Integrity is a promise: We keep our word!!

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