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New Hall for up to 1,400 Guests

On Mittelstrasse in the Wolfsburg plant: Autostadt is building “Hafen 1” (Port 1) for Volkswagen.

On the banks of the Volkswagen harbor basin in Wolfsburg, a new hall is being built for hosting events and vehicle exhibitions. And it can host up to 1,400 guests. Autostadt is building “Hafen 1” (Port  1), as it’s called, on Volkswagen’s behalf. Construction work has been underway since October and is scheduled for completion in summer next year. The dance festival “Movimentos,” which previously had its home in the old power plant, will be held in the new hall. Gunnar Kilian, Volkswagen Chief Human Resources Officer and Chair of the Autostadt Supervisory Board, says, “Volkswagen commissioned Autostadt with the construction and operation of ‘Hafen 1’ because of their expertise as a communications platform. For us, the new construction 
of this contemporary event hall is a clear investment in the future – the future of Volkswagen, Autostadt, and the Wolfsburg location.”

Bernd Osterloh, Chair of the Volkswagen Works Council and Autostadt Supervisory Board member, seems excited, saying, “With ‘Hafen  1,’ Auto­stadt is building yet another prestigious event location at Volkswagen’s company headquarters, which is an excellent example of the modern city of Wolfsburg. At the same time, our colleagues will have a new space for conferences and other events that was previously lacking in the plant. I call that active site development.” Klaus Mohrs, mayor of the city of Wolfsburg, emphasizes, “Volkswagen’s investment in this new hall is further evidence that the company’s is firm rooted in its home city.”

"Hafen 1"

  • Start construction: October 2018
  • Client: Volkswagen AG
  • Location: Nordufer Volkswagen Hafen
  • Building dimensions: 73 meters long, 46 meter wide, 16 meters high
  • Seats: up to 1,400
  • Building area: 3,100 m²
  • gross floor area: 5,300 m² over 3 storeys

With a floor space of around 5,300 square meters the new hall offers the optimum conditions for major events. Roland Clement, Chair of the Autostadt Executive Board, says, “‘Hafen 1’ is a milestone in the construction of our corporate events business. With the new hall, we can significantly expand this segment, creating a new entrepreneurial pillar for our long-term success.”