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Volkswagen Worker and Top Photographer

Wolfsburg logistics employee Markus Toppmöller (37) visits the racetracks of Europe with his camera.

He has forged many long-lasting friendships with other motorsports fans. “It’s almost like coming home to a big family.” With one difference: their living room is carpeted with asphalt and they drive at 300 kilometers an hour. Does he have favorites? “Of course,” says Toppmöller, showing a photo of a Porsche. Toppmöller snapped it precisely at the moment when the car shot over a small hill on the racetrack. It almost looks as if the car is floating in mid-air.

His big dream? “I have two, actually. I would like to photograph motorsports legends Hans Joachim Stuck and Walter Röhrl and take my camera to the 12-hour race in Bathurst, Australia.”

Passionate motorsports photographer: logistics worker Markus Toppmöller 
from the Wolfsburg plant.

Click, click: Markus Toppmöller takes another photograph for his collection. The 37-year-old logistics employee from the Wolfsburg plant is a passionate motorsports photographer – and no small name on the scene. How exactly he came to be a motorsports photographer is something even he can’t quite remember. It must have happened on a visit to the Oschersleben Motorsport Arena. Toppmöller watched the cars as they roared round the track. He pulled out his camera, which he brought with him to snap a few mementos, and starts taking pictures. Photo after photo. “I simply got caught up in racing fever,” he says. But in his work vehicle – a forklift – he follows the rules of the plant, despite his need for speed, he says, laughing.

Umpteen thousand photos later, Topp­möller has become a permanent fixture on the racetracks of Europe. Spa in Belgium, Hockenheim and the Nürburgring: there is hardly any place that Toppmöller hasn’t photographed. And because the teams and drivers know exactly how skillfully the Wolfsburg native can capture them by now, they even allow him into the holy of holies: the pit lane. “There’s a very special atmosphere, shortly before or even during a race,” Toppmöller enthuses.

"I simply got caught up in racing fever"

A selection of Markus Toppmüller's pictures: