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All about the New T-Cross

The SUV in Polo format an all-rounder – flexible, practical, safe, and extensively equipped with on-board assistance systems. The SUV is produced at the Pamplona plant. inside presents the main facts.

Press Review

"The muscular Crossover offers a lot of space, even in the rear seat, thanks to its 2.56-meter wheel base. The rear seat, which can be moved 14 centimeters, is a nice feature."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"The new VW T-Cross is a true SUV to look at: tall, broad, angular, making a solid and well-built impression."

Auto Straßenverkehr

"Visually an SUV, but a van at heart."


"A first seat test in the new car reveals everything feels as solid as it does in any other VW and there is a surprising amount of space in the rear seat."

Auto Bild

"Many things point to the conclusion that, as with the Tiguan, Touran, and all the other VW latecomers, the same golden rule applies: he who laughs last, laughs loudest."


"Our T-Cross looks amazing"

Felix Kaschützke and his series team could hardly contain their excitement ahead of the T-Cross world premiere in Amsterdam. Four years of work had gone into the new SUV in small- car format. Felix Kaschützke has been involved in the Small series since summer 2016 as Project Manager for Marketing and Sales of the T-Cross. His job is to make sure that everything works hand in glove between Technical Development, Series, and Sales. “We are the interface that connects these three areas and play intermediary in case of issues,” explains the 36-year-old business manager, who has been employed at Volkswagen for almost ten years.

He was, for example, involved in preparing the three equipment packages for the T-Cross and keeping an eye on economic viability and customer interests. He has pushed long and hard for the movable rear seat in the T-Cross. “It took a lot of convincing to achieve our goal to equip the T-Cross with an extra bit of flexibility,” states Kaschützke. In the Project Management and Sales team, Kaschützke also spent a few months overseeing the sixth-generation Polo, which was launched in August last year. Kaschützke calls the new T-Cross “one of my babies.”. This is a model with which Volkswagen will be opening a completely new chapter in its model history.

To date, there has been no SUV with the Volkswagen logo in the small-car segment. “Even better that I now get to see the T-Cross at its world premiere in front of the broader public,” the born Swabian exclaims happily. He has been a GTI fan and car enthusiast ever since he was little. He looks proudly at the T-Cross, saying,: “I appreciate the T-Cross because the car lives up to everything customers are looking for and is even affordable for young families. Not only that, but it looks simply amazing.”

Three questions for...
Andreas Krüger, Head of the Small series

The T-Cross is a car from your series. Following the launch of the T-Roc back in winter 2017, we now see the launch of the next SUV of the Small series – what are the distinguishing features of this model? 
The T-Cross is extremely practical and offers a lot of space. If owners need more storage room, the rear seat can be moved forward with ease to give the car more storage volume than any other car in its class. The T-Cross expands our SUV product line in the small-car segment and will hold its own in the market.

You have surely driven the T-Cross multiple times. How did that feel?
Yes, particularly frequently over the past months. It drives really great. When you get into the car, you are immediately struck by the fresh new interior and the crisp colors. It sits really well on the road and can handle pretty much any situation. A real Volkswagen.

The T-Cross is built by employees at the Pamplona plant in Spain. How did the series launch go?
Having the Pamplona plant as the leading plant also supports the production locations for the South America region in Curitiba and for China in Shanghai. This enables an almost simultaneous production launch (SOP) globally. We are currently fully on schedule with the production of prototypes, and the quality is already very good. The team does a great job. For this, I would like to thank the employees in Pamplona as well as the series team here in Wolfsburg right now after the world premiere. I am certain that the T-Cross has the makings of a great car.

Shanghai, Amsterdam, São Paulo – the T-Cross world premieres followed the course of the sun

2:00 pm, CEST, Shanghai

The T-Cross in “Tribu” color: Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO of the Volkswagen brand in China, presents the T-Cross in Shanghai.

Anting Plant
The plant is located about 30 kilometers west of Shanghai’s city center. 
As of early next year, the T-Cross will be produced there for the Chinese market. Compared to the “European” T-Cross, this SUV is eleven centimeters longer (4.22 meters) and has a wheel base that is nine centimeters wider (2.65 meters). The versions produced in China are called: “Trendline,”, “Comfortline,”, and “Highline.”. Moreover, the employees in Anting also produce the Volkswagen models New Lavida, Gran Lavida, Tiguan, and Phideon.

7:00 pm CEST, Amsterdam

The T-Cross in “Makena Turquoise” color: The British actress and musician Cara Delevingne, COO of the Volkswagen brand Ralf Brandstätter, Volkswagen Chief Designer Klaus Bischoff, and Head of the Volkswagen Small series Ralf Krüger present the brand’s smallest SUV at a former sugar-manufacturing plant.

Pamplona Plant
Starting at the end of 2018, the close to 5,000 employees of the SpanishPamplona plant of Volkswagen Navarra, S.A. will be manufacturing the T-Cross in series. Together with the Polo. Europe is a core market of the T-Cross. The SUV model in small-car format will be produced in the series variations “T-Cross,”, “Life,”, and “Style.”. For the market launch, the models from Pamplona will be delivered in the colors “Energetic,”, “Orange” and “Makena Turquoise.”.

8.45 pm CEST, São Paulo

The T-Cross in “Bouddi” color: Volkswagen Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann (left) and the Head of the Brazilian Volkswagen subsidiary Pablo Di Si proudly present the new T-Cross.

Curitiba Plant
The plant in São José dos Pinhais is located at a distance of about 420 kilometers from São Paulo. More than 2,700 employees are now producing the T-Cross at this plant, together with the Fox, CrossFox, and Golf. The SUV is 4.19 meters long and will have a wheel base of 2.69 meters like the T-Cross from Anting. The versions produced in Brazil are called: “Trendline,”, “Trendline Plus,”, “Comfort Line,”, and “Highline.”.

Growing SUV family: just a few days ago, Volkswagen introduced the brand’s smallest SUV in the form of the T-Cross. The largest SUV offensive in company history continues. The new T-Cross in focus with a very special world premiere: in short order, Volkswagen presented the brand’s smallest SUV to the public in Shanghai, Amsterdam, and São Paulo – a unique event: a world premiere on three continents in the space of less than seven hours.
The SUV market is booming tremendously. According to projections, every second Volkswagen sold by the brand in 2025 will be an SUV. Today, every fifth car is already an SUV. Europe is an important sales market, but the company expects particularly strong growth in SUV sales in North and South America as well as China – hence the three world premieres for the T-Cross on three continents.

The new T-Cross in Polo format is now expanding the product offering in the Volkswagen SUV family in the smallest SUV segment. Small? The T-Cross is 4.11 meters long and almost 1.56 meters high. That’s 5.4 centimeters more length and a full eleven centimeters more height than the Polo. The results are an elevated seating position and a great all-around view that customers love in an SUV. Thanks to a wheel base of 2.56 meters, the T-Cross also has a spacious interior. One example: the rear seat can be moved by 14 centimeters. As a result, even people taller than 1.80 meters can sit comfortable in all four seats. If the back seat is turned down, the trunk has a loading volume of up to 1,281 liters – no problem even for four passengers with luggage on board.

The T-Cross rear is unmistakable thanks to its reflector strip.

In terms of its design, the T-Cross is easily recognizable as the smaller brother of the Touareg and Tiguan. The T-Cross expresses its individuality with the highly visible 
reflector strip that stretches across the entire width of the SUV’s rear. It ensures that the small SUV from Pamplona, Spain, will be an unmistakable eye-catcher on the road. Also striking are the light alloy rims with their bright colors. They turn the T-Cross into a cool SUV with youthful character. The starting price of 17,975 euros for the T-Cross with the 1-liter TSI engine with 70 kW/95 bhp is particularly attractive for young families living in the city or in the suburbs.

Following the World Premiere:
Employees Experience the T-Cross

The new SUV celebrated its world premiere on three continents. On the following day, employees had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the T-Cross in Wolfsburg.

The T-Cross had its world premiere in Amsterdam, Shanghai and São Paulo at the end of October. Only a few hours later, employees in Wolfsburg were able to marvel at the new model. The reason? 
Internal communications had organized a tour with the T-Cross through the Wolfsburg plant. The car was available for viewing at ten locations. Ralf Brandstätter, COO of the Volkswagen brand, also came by.
At the self-service shop near the Ladestrasse, in front of the Quality Assurance cafeteria, or next to Gate 17: there was no way you could miss the new T-Cross at the Volkswagen plant. Internal Communications had selected ten locations for the tour. Two models, respectively, of the new SUV were shown at these locations. Seat testing, assessing glances, and praise for the fresh new design included.

"A great campaign for a great car. We are proud of the T-Cross. It will meet the growing demand for SUVs."

Ralf Brandstätter, COO of the Volkswagen brand

Ralf Brandstätter, COO of the Volkswagen brand, also took some time out of his day to show off the new car. He was on location at Gate 17 and spoke with employees about the new T-Cross. One of these employees was 
Melanie Lange from Purchasing. She got to sit in the driver’s seat while Ralf Brandstätter took the passenger seat next to her and patiently explained the new features of the T-Cross. Brandstätter’s conclusion at the end of the event: “A great campaign for a great car.” We are proud of the T-Cross. It will meet the growing demand for SUVs.” At the same time as the tour organized by Internal Communications, there was also an exhibit in the Toolmakers’ division. Across three shifts, employees were able to assess the new T-Cross in Hall 16A. Background: the Toolmakers have built 21 vehicle components for the new SUV – including for the doors, on the inside and outside. The T-Cross is being built by the employees in Pamplona, Spain.

Employees Statements from Wolfsburg

"The color is just awesome! For its size, the car really has a huge trunk and a lot of space."

Jan Schade (left), Assembly Line 1

"I love the features and particularly the handbrake. And the color really catches your eye, too!"

Maren Krämer,  Assembly Line 1

"I love the features and particularly the handbrake. And the color is really great, too."

Ralf Hasenpusch (left), Quality Assurance

"Elegant und sporty! 
The T-Cross has turned out to be a 
top car."

Markus Kunstmann, Quality Assurance

"A well-made, sporty car for all ages. Volkswagen has fully met its claim to deliver more SUVs, which will hopefully appeal to a wider circle of buyers."

Christian Morbitzer, Product Optimization