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Taking the Beetle on Honeymoon

Nicolle and Jörg Horbank make a stop at the Wolfsburg plant with their Ovali on their tour of Germany.

A beautiful day: bride and bridal vehicle beam in the sunshine before the backdrop of the Autostadt.

It’s changed hands seven times in 63 years. Now the “Ovali,” the Beetle with the oval-shaped rear window, freshly painted and nicely spruced up, stands in its birthplace of Wolfsburg – on a special mission. It now belongs to newlyweds Nicolle and Jörg Horbank. It drove the 47-year-old car body builder and the 38-year-old dental assistant from Lomske (near Bautzen) into the factory – on a honeymoon trip across the country.

The Beetle was built in Wolfsburg on December 1, 1955
, as an export model. “One day later, it was shipped out to Kempten,” says 
Jörg Horbank on the history of the Beetle, which he bought in fairly desolate condition in 1994. For years, the Beetle fan searched for spare parts. In 2007, on a ride with a Beetle fan club, he met his now-wife Nicolle. When Jörg proposed to her in May 2017, it became clear: tThe honeymoon would be a trip in the Ovali, straight through Germany. With a stop in Wolfsburg, of course. No sooner said than done.

Old darling: how worn out
the Ovali looked before
the restoration.

Door open: the Ovali cuts a figure on its 
tour through the German republic.

"A week before the wedding, the Beetle was finished"

It may not look very fancy, but its driving sure is: Jörg Horbank 
drove his wife Nicolle straight through Germany in this restored Beetle.

“A week before the wedding, the Beetle was finished,”Jörg Horbank tells us. Via the Spreewald, the newlyweds finally took the country road to Wolfsburg, towards the Ovali’s birthplace. What neither of them knew: Volkswagen would surprise the two Beetle fans with an exclusive tour of the Wolfsburg plant. The subsequent wedding dinner was completely to both of their tastes. “We were served the legendary Volkswagen currywurst,” says Nicolle Horbank.

Before the Beetle returned to the road, there was a photo shoot in front of the towers of the Autostadt. “We really enjoyed being here so much,” raved Nicolle about the visit to the plant. “It was a wonderful, sunny, eventful, beautiful honeymoon. We’re sure to remember this so fondly, for a long time to come,” says husband Jörg. And the honeymoon Beetle? It just keeps going and going and…

Hier kommt er her: Der Ovali von Jörg und Nicolle Horbank wurde
am 1. Dezember 1955 im Wolfsburger Werk als Exportmodell gebaut.