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Sausages from Golf BBQ
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Mario Jünemann from Hall 54 in Wolfsburg and his fiancée Kim thom Suden are massive Volkswagen fans – and they’re not afraid to show it!

Sausages and steak taste much better: Mario Jünemann and Kim thom Suden installed a barbecue in the engine compartment of a Golf 3.

The totally crazy Volkswagen couple - that’s how Mario Jünemann (26) and his 
 fiancée Kim thom Suden (27) refer to themselves.
The pair from Gifhorn are huge fans of the brand –- and aren’t afraid to show it! What’s the latest project for the production worker from Hall 54 in the Wolfsburg plant, and the employee of a Volkswagen service provider? A Golf barbecue.
The grille was laden down with steaks, ribs, and assorted sausages during last summer’s exceptionally hot weather. The couple installed the barbecue in the engine compartment of a Golf 3.

Where does such an idea come from? During an accident, a Caddy skidded into the wall surrounding Jünemann’s and thom Suden’s 
 garden. From then on, a crack appeared in the wall. “And even though the crack has since been repaired, we wanted to commemorate it with a memorial,” says 
Jünemann. No, their first 
thought wasn’t to create a wall memorial in the form of a Golf barbecue. But, as I mentioned earlier, these two do call themselves the “totally crazy Volkswagen couple.”.

Imaginative and

A living room, Volkswagen style: images of Beetle and Bulli models adorn the walls of the young couple’s house in Gifhorn.

Not only are they highly imaginative, they’re also creative and good with their hands. And that’s what led the couple to use an angle grinder to remove the side member of a Golf 3 they had rescued from the junkyard. Next, they welded a support together, which was then polished and varnished, before fitting the barbecue inside. A feast for the eyes. The result: a unique barbecue that nobody else could claim to have. It’s even waterproof and mobile thanks to the engine compartment and wheels. “We can move it away if we want to do some weeding, for example,” says Kim thom Suden. She emphasizes that “sausages and other meat taste much better when they are cooked on a barbecue built from a superior Volkswagen model.”

Bold car: one of the five Volkswagen cars in the Jünemann / thom Suden household is a
Golf 5 R32.

And when it comes to Volkswagen, it’s no surprise that the couple drive more than one car –- they own five of the company’s best-selling volume brand alone! Mario’s pride and joy is a Golf 3 with 174 bhp. “I took the whole
 thing apart and now I know every last screw. I’ll never give it away,” 
emphasizes the trained auto 
 mechanic. Once, for the legendary Wörthersee meet, he also built his own Golf 3 VR6 Turbo with 420 bhp in his small workshop at home. Not satisfied with just those two cars, the production worker also owns a Golf 5 R32 and a diesel Golf 5 Variant for work and travel.

ünemann spends his days working at the Wolfsburg plant. He mainly works in the plant’s Hall 54 where he fits Golfs with roofs, tail lights, and emblems. He can also be found transporting cars into Hall 12 for quality tests or 
Kim thom Suden is responsible for interior and ambient lighting at a service provider. Her own cars include a Polo and a six-cylinder engine Porsche Boxster.


Such a big fleet of Volkswagen cars to have sitting in front of a house in which automobiles obviously make an appearance, too: the living room is adorned with wallpaper made from jigsaw pieces containing images of Bulli and Beetle models. So is that all? The totally crazy Volkswagen couple shake their heads. They’re thinking of a porch swing for summer –- homemade, and from a Golf obviously. Maybe even a portable barbecue trailer for trips to the lake or a decorative dashboard 
 for the living room.

Big fleet of Volkswagen cars
on the doorstep