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New Ketchup: Sales Are on the Rise

The Volkswagen Service Factory sold 22,809 bottles up to the end of August – up six percent.

“The ketchup is going down well everywhere – in company cafeterias and self-service shops, at Volkswagen dealerships and at retailers. It seems we’ve hit on the right flavor for our customers,”

Martin Cordes, Head of Volkswagen Hospitality and Gastronomy.

The new Volkswagen ketchup has been the topic of much discussion over the last few weeks. Ketchup is quite literally a matter of taste – and that taste is now different since the producer was changed. Here’s the good news: the ketchup has been selling extremely well since it was launched in April. By the end of August, the Volkswagen Service Factory had sold 22,809 bottles. That is around 1,400 bottles, or six percent, more than the same period last year.

So what’s the story behind the change? The previous producer stopped making the ketchup in late 2017, and Develey, a company based in Unterhaching in Bavaria, became the Service Factory’s new partner. “The recipe is similar yet different to the last one. The sugar content has been reduced by one gram per 100 grams, the fat content has been halved, and the volume of tomato paste is higher,” explains Cordes. In short, the ketchup is healthier.

Other factors that influence the taste include the equipment, the manufacturing process and ingredients such as tomatoes, chili peppers and spices. For example, the chili peppers for the Volkswagen ketchup come from the same growing regions in Spain, Italy and Portugal as before, but from a different harvest year. The same is true of the tomato paste: the tomatoes come from the same regions for the most part, but this year they are sweeter than usual.

A total of twelve ketchup producers had applied to make the new Volkswagen ketchup, but it was Develey that won the contract. The company has been family owned for four generations. It produces the “Original Volkswagen Spicy Ketchup” in a plant close to Munich, and the Develey employees are immensely proud to be a part of it. Here they are greeting Volkswagen’s staff with a team photo.