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Countdown to January 1st, 2019:
Group Components Is Coming!

Group Components starts on January 1st, 2019. 120 participants from six brands (group photo) launched the countdown to a restructuring of the Components division at the second Group Components Conference at the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg.

Restructuring the Components Division

Just ten more weeks − and Group Components will start its life as an autonomous corporate unit. The aim is to bundle and manage Components activities across all brands, leverage synergies and promote the expansion of e-mobility within the Group.

Components offers a varied product range based on MQB that is already providing parts for e-mobility. For MEB, it develops and produces electric drives and battery systems – central components. It also works on chassis systems such as steering and axles. Components is currently pushing forward with the next stages involved with electromobility and many other fields.

The Components strategic program, called ONE MISSION 2025,
covers four target dimensions.

1.  Customer and product: innovation, product portfolio, customer orientation
2.  People: leadership and dedication, communication, expertise
3.  Responsibility: corporate responsibility, sustainable process chain, 

exemplary behavior
4.   Excellence: excellent processes, production network and collaborations,

Management and Staff

“One mission, one team: the Components team has driven the restructuring forward at a high speed during this transformation year of 2018. Starting in January 2019, Group Components will be an autonomous unit within the Group – similar to the Volkswagen Passenger Cars or Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brands. Streamlined central departments and strong business areas will form the unit’s board.

Management and staff will coordinate all central tasks to ensure that Components is positioned as a top supplier – technological, structural and personnel changes, new procurement structures and tailoring logistical flows.

The heads of the business areas will provide for corporate management and, for the first time, will take on cross-plant profit responsibility for 
their business area. In future, decisions relevant to production will be made as part of a close exchange of views between Production Planning, Development and Procurement at an early stage.”

Thomas Schmall, Group Components CEO

Stephan Beyse,
Head of Procurement, Group Components

Wolfgang Fueter,
Head of HR, Group Components

Thomas Eichenberg,
Head of Finance, Group Components

Mark Möller,
Head of Development, Group Components

Jörg Emmert,
Head of Production Planning / Management, Group Components

Ludwig Fazel,
Head of Strategy, Group Components

Ariane Kilian,
Head of Communications and Compliance, Group Components

Data, Facts, Figures

employees worldwide make up the Components team. These 
experts work passionately across national borders, for example 
on development projects for MEB parts, in the international 
production network, or with launch support.

Plants on five continents and in 15 countries − its plant network 
is a key element of Components’ strength. 19 plants in Europe – 
including Braunschweig, Kassel, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg Chassis –  – will be transferred from the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand to Group 
Components. Additional international Volkswagen plants and other Group sites such as Skoda Vrchlabí and Audi Győr are controlled strategically and will remain within their brands 
and regions.

Components has five business areas: Engine and Casting, 
Gearbox and Electric Drive, Chassis, Seats, and E-Mobility. 

The restructuring will strengthen these structures and they 
will be given greater corporate responsibility.

One mission: to position Volkswagen’s components business to be 
competitive, efficient and innovative as possible.

“In our business area, we need to actively shape the changing technology. Standardizing processes, targets and standards helps us to optimize processes to allow us to optimally put our expertise into practice across brands.”

Herbert Steiner
Head of the Engine and 
Chassis Business

“By merging Gearbox and Electric Drive into a single business area, we are creating the ideal conditions for a positive transformation process.”

Thorsten Jablonski
Head of the Gearbox and Electric Drive Business

“We use strategic partnerships for the Chassis business area to generate volume and economies of scale to offer a competitive service. To do so, we need a mutual exchange of expertise with external partners.”

Otto Joos
Head of the Chassis Business Area

“Autonomous driving and shared 
mobility are changing our customers’ usage behavior. To do justice to this, we need to equip our seat systems with considerably more sensors, electronics and connectivity.”

Ingo Fleischer
Designated Head of the Seats Business Area

Works Council

Markus Bieber on the new works council agreement for Group Components:
“As an autonomous corporate unit, Components has had a new works council agreement in place since August 1, 2018 that enshrines its strategic aims for securing its future as agreed between managers and employee representatives. Committee-based and collaborative models are also government by the agreement. Employee representatives will advocate for the interests of the workforce in committees across the business areas. There will also be an advisory board with members appointed on an equal footing. One particularly important point is that the employees will remain part of VW AG and will therefore retain their collective bargaining agreements.”

Markus Bieber, Secretary General of the Overall Works Council


“I think it’s great that the Braunschweig site carries such weight when it comes to E-mobility within Components. For 2019, I hope that, within Components, we will be able to further increase our competitiveness by forging the right alliances.”

Aaron Breitkopf
Technical Project Manager  
 MEB battery systems in Braunschweig

“Particularly as an autonomous corporate unit, we must make it our goal to actively generate market advantages, create high demand for our products and become THE supplier of choice for all brands in the Group.”

Dr. Marcel Jankowiak
Sub-project Manager for Testing 
on the  
“Electric Water Circulation Pump” development team in Salzgitter

“What I value about Components is the personal approach, the solidarity among the whole team and our pursuit of excellence. We all pull together. These are values that we must continue to embrace in the future!”

Shiping Chen
Value Creation Strategy Advisor
from Wolfsburg

“I hope that Group Components will set the standard as an autonomous brand
within the Group through its outstanding team and its fair approach.”

Franziska Scharf
Plant Operator from Kassel