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The Last Beetle Returns to the Anchieta Plant

Volkswagen fan André Chun returned with his Fusca (Beetle) to its birthplace 22 years after it rolled off the production line

Everlasting love: André Chun with 
his Beetle – the last one Volkswagen 
sold in Brazil. – one of the last to be built 
in Anchieta. To this day, he still drives this special car Beetle to fan meet-ups in Brazil.

The last Beetle Volkswagen sold in Brazil has returned to the Anchieta plant near São Paulo – 22 years after it rolled off the production line. The vehicle belongs to Brazilian André Chun. He brought the Beetle, which goes by the name Fusca in Brazil, back to its birthplace for a day.

This special car’s story began on August 30, 1996. Gustavo Schmidt, then Head of Sales and now Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen do Brasil, handed the Beetle over to its first owner, an 89-year-old who was a big Beetle fan.

The Fusca then belonged to a collector from Londrina, a city in southern Brazil, who then sold the car to Chun in 2015. He did a lot of research on the Beetle and discovered that the chassis number ended with 6619 – and these numbers refer to one of the last five Beetles sold in Brazil. It turned out that this Beetle was actually the very last one Volkswagen offered on the Brazilian market through its dealerships there.

Between the Beetle (Fusca) and the New Polo: André Chun (left), the owner of the Beetle built 22 years ago in Anchieta, and Gustavo Schmidt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen do Brasil.

Chun was welcomed by Gustavo 
Schmidt when he arrived at the Volkswagen do Brasil plant in Anchieta. Afterwards, he took a look at the production facilities. The employees of the largest Volkswagen plant in Brazil are currently building the Polo, Virtus and Saveiro models. The Brazilian also visited a collection of older vehicles. 
It was an emotional day for him.
“I will never forget this special moment, driving into the factory with my Fusca,” said the proud Beetle owner, who’s also a member of the Fusca Fanclub.