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Excited Employees: I.D. R Pikes Peak 
on Tour at the Plants

The sporty forerunner of the I.D. family visited Wolfsburg, Salzgitter and Dresden. Further dates are scheduled.

Be it at the company meeting in Wolfsburg, in the middle of the production hall in Salzgitter or at the Transparent Factory in Dresden: the journey of the I.D. R around the German plants has been a huge success. The response was overwhelming; the fully electric super sportscar was the center of attention.

Many employees stared almost in awe at the racecar, with which Volkswagen went down in motorsports history at the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (USA). The first fully electric racecar finished the 19.99-kilometer race in only 7:57.148  minutes. Never before has a car reached the summit at such speed – nor come so close to employees.

The journey continues!

The next stops are:


  • Zwickau: November 13, company meeting
  • Kassel: December 4, company meeting
  • Braunschweig: December 18, company meeting

Further dates are being planned.

“The electric engines are really fascinating!”

Dirk Zenz, Innovation Management

“The rear spoiler is super long
and looks incredible!”

Ricco Müller (right), Working Student, 
Electrical Engineering

“It's not a car you see every day. When you see the
I.D. R in the flesh, you appreciate what skill the driver has!”

Lucas Fröhlich (left), Working Student, 
Electrical Engineering

“This is the first time I've seen 
the I.D. R. I'm really impressed with the racecar! I had no idea that electric cars could be so fast.”

Elvira Nierschak, Windshields, Hall 3

“I think it's a great idea that the employees 
can see the vehicle and take pictures with it. It's amazing to experience the vehicle first-hand.”

Marc Voges, Quality Assurance

“I would love to drive the I.D. R Pikes Peak 
and experience the acceleration kick!”

Thomas Schmidt, Production

“We are so impressed that the racecar 
is equipped with an electric drive, and had such a successful first run. Thumbs up for 
the team and keep up the good work!”

Jeannette Stramke, Marketing 
and Sales
Katrin Feicke (right), Marketing and 
Event Organization

“I've never seen a racecar like this up close. I was most fascinated by its lightweight construction.
It truly is a masterpiece!”

Rocco Hannß , Production