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Goodbye, Beetle

In July 2019, the last Beetle (A5), the successor of the Beetle Type 1, will roll off the production line 
in Puebla. Until then, Volkswagen will continue to produce two special models.

A long tradition will come to an end next summer: the last Beetle will roll off the production line in Puebla, Mexico. This is the finale of a unique story – from the Type 1 Beetle and the New Beetle, which was introduced in 1998, to the Beetle (A5), which has been produced in Puebla since summer 2011. This long tradition started in December 1945 with the first Volkswagen Type 1. The sedan, which was later known as the “Beetle,” became the symbolic vehicle of the Wirtschaftswunder and a world-famous automotive icon. A legend, still unrivaled in the automotive world. 16,255,500 cars later, when the production of the Beetle was moved from Emden to Puebla in winter 1978, an era came to an end. The last ever Beetle made by employees in Puebla rolled off the production line in July 2003. Until that point, Volkswagen had built 21,529,464 Beetles over a span of almost 60 years.

Over many years, the New Beetle and the Beetle (A5) successfully continued the Beetle tradition overseas. Americans love the Beetle and the New Beetle, with which the Beetle made a successful comeback in 1998, and they love its successor, the Beetle (A5). In the last year, another 59,483 were made. Now it will be two special models, the Beetle Final Edition SE and the Beetle Final Edition SEL, that will bring this long journey spanning seven decades to an end: goodbye, Beetle.

End of an era: when the last Type 1 Beetle rolled off the production line in Puebla in summer 2003, Volkswagen ran the ad “Farewell, old friend.”